Owl Climb: Handcrafted hangboards

Owl Climb handcrafted hangboards combine aesthetics and innovation. For this reason, I got psyched as soon as I knew they would be part of my shots.

When it comes to training for hands, fingers and forearms, the hangboard is the climber’s best friend. But if it is also handcrafted, eco friendly and incredibly photogenic, it becomes the photographer’s best friend too.

Owl Climb with its handcrafted hangboards, in fact, creates unique pieces made of Toulipier wood, which besides being sustainable for the environment is also gentle for the skin of us climbers. And everything is 100% made in Italy.

Nice to meet you, Portable

The jewel you see in my photos is the smallest member of the Owl Climb family. It’s called Portable, and with a small size and weight it offers you a complete workout wherever you are. It is excellent for training at home, for warming up before your crag project or for extreme attempts on boulders. Since i have it with me, the Portable follows me in every climbing adventure. You can find a more detailed description of the product on the official website.

Are you curious to see how this little one gets along in the Val Masino habitat? Scroll the gallery below, and then – if you don’t already know them – run to learn all about handcrafted hangboards on Owl Climb website!

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Owl Climb handcrafted hangboards

If you are looking for some advice on how to photograph bouldering scenes like the one in the photo, I have posted some tips on my Instagram profile.